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JEP 2023

JEP 2023

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-Jewish Experience Program-

The Sunday Jewish lesson program of Mishpoche

What we stand for

Imagine a Sunday Jewish lesson where children don't want to miss a day. They enter with a smile and hum a Jewish song when they leave. When you walk into the building you hear lively discussion, singing, laughing and humming through the corridors. How beautiful is it when a child feels the warmth and love for Judaism, and then imagine that parent's pride.

Welcome to JEP, the Sunday Jewish lesson of Mishpoche. A very innovative Jewish lesson in Amsterdam. Our program enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a trendsetter in creative Jewish education for children ages 4 to 12. With exciting new programs, dynamic staff and curious children from diverse backgrounds.

Children who come strengthen their Jewish identity, find joy in Judaism, gain a broad foundation of Jewish knowledge, learn to read Ivrit (Hebrew) fluently and make Jewish friends.

Waar we voor staan
Groepen en leeftijden

Group Alef

Ages 4-5

Everything is learned 'hands-on' and sensory.

Getting to know the alephbet, exploring the holidays and discovering the parsha of the week.

Group Bet

Ages 6-7

Playful, motivating and enjoyable; this is in short how the aleph bet is learned. The holidays are an major part of the program. The kids will be introduced to the #1 curriculum on exploring Jewish history.

Group Gimmel

Ages 8-9

History is full of Jewish heroes. In this group, the children are introduced to a different Jewish hero every lesson. They are also eager to move on to become fluent in Alef Bet and take it a step further in depth over the holidays.

Group Gimmel

Ages 9-10

Children win medals, get certificates and become fluent in alef bet. They build their own Jewish home and learn how the mitzvot are done in it. Around the Jewish holidays they discover the depth of the holidays.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Ages 11-13

Becoming an adult entails multiple responsibilities and opportunities. This Special curriculum focuses on the final preparations for adult life. Boys also learn to read from the Torah and girls learn the role of the Jewish woman.


These curricula are carefully chosen, are interactive, progressive and fun.

Aleph Bet

The 'Alef champ program' is currently one of the world's best programs for learning to read Hebrew. Modeled after the karate motivation system, by dividing different reading skills into levels that are recognizable with the different colors. Children progress to the next level at their own pace.

Sensory Alef Bet

Younger children who have not yet started with Alef Champ, are introduced to the letters in a sensory way, through clay, sand, yoga, puppet theater etc. This brings the letters to life and makes every week a pleasant experience.

Prayers (davening)

Every week there the prayers are sung with enthusiasm and its meaning is brought out in different ways. The pieces of the prayers that have been selected are to ensure that the child gains more understanding for Judaism and will be able to follow the service in the synagogue well. Here too, children can always add something to the prayers at their level.


Practical lessons about each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar, starting with the High Holidays through Shavuot. The children will gain a deep understanding of each holiday and its associated traditions and customs. Besides this, there will be separate parties for the JEP children for many holidays.


The children are introduced to the personalities and stories of the Torah. They get an overview of Jewish history, starting with the creation of the world, all the way through to the giving of the Torah and modern Israel.

Mitzvot (traditions)

A Jewish home is filled with opportunities to do mitzvot. For example, mezuzah, kashrut and tzedaka. But how are these done? Through a new curriculum, the children build their own Jewish home and learn about all kinds of mitzvot.

Speak modern ivrit

A special program will allow children to speak a little Hebrew. The words we are going to learn have been carefully selected enabling a child to compose simple sentences themselves.


Israel is close to everyone's heart. We are going to explore how we got the land, its significance and how it still stands today. Children build more love for this special country with this and the next time they visit Israel they can perhaps give you a tour!


Every week we read a different parsha in shul. So also in Jewish lessons. At the end of the year, a child is familiar with what is said in each Parshah.

Payment options


Per year
€16 per lesson
€ 426,- for the whole year

A one-time contribution

For all 26 JEP lessons and 2 children 's activities on Sunday .

per trimester
€20 per lesson
€ 530 for the whole year

A three-time contribution

 For all lessons in that trimester + possibly. one of the two children's activities on Sunday.

Per lesson

You pay separately for each lesson.

Most chosen

*If the contribution is difficult for you, we will do our best to make payment arrangements so that your child can receive Jewish lessons.


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