MISHPOCHE was founded in 2019, with the aim of making everything related to Judaism accessible to everyone who qualifies for it. MISHPOCHE wants to meet the needs of every Jew in Amsterdam and the surrounding area in a warm, loving and joyful way. This in the sympathetic way of Chabad and as is done internationally. Of course with the Lubavitcher Rebbe as a source of inspiration.


Our name MISHPOCHE, 'family' in Hebrew, says it all.

1. We organize everything with a warm family feeling.

2. We mainly focus on families (parents and children).


Expenses and donations

MISHPOCHE receives donations and grants from philanthropists, sponsors and foundations who would like to invest in Jewish Amsterdam of the present and of the future.


MISHPOCHE incurs expenses with the approval of a minimum of two board members. Priority is always given to the activities with the highest priority. MISHPOCHE is non-profit making.


The board consists of:

Mrs. Nechama Dinah Spiero - Chairman

Mr. Zandrie Wiersma - Treasurer

Mr. Zimri Haas - Secretary


Managing Director: Yissachar Eliyahu (Eli) Spiero


The members of the board do this on a voluntary basis.


Chamber of Commerce number: 73971472

RSIN number: 859728687

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